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6 Tips For Building A Successful Home Page

Can your homepage pass the Four Second Test?

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four… That’s not much time to engage the interest of a visitor to your website – but research says that’s about all the time you get. With only have a few seconds to make a strong first impression – what tools you can utilize in building the best homepage?

A Fast Loading Homepage

For an ecommerce site, a fast loading homepage can be the difference between money in the bank – or not. Visitors are prone to click out rather than wait for a homepage that is not fast loading. A fast loading homepage is the most basic of all necessities.

Keep It Simple

Think of your homepage like a “Little Black Dress” – the fashion must-have of every woman. This essential dress makes a dramatic statement because it has uncomplicated lines and is never over accessorized. Similar to the “LBD,” a well-designed homepage is never long and has an absence of clutter. Excessive graphics, images and colors are distracting and should always be avoided.

Have A Clear Message

Right up front, your homepage should let readers know your purpose and what they can obtain from your website. It’s risky when a company’s homepage starts by telling a story or details a problem and then explains how they plan to solve it. Since people scan rather than read, the message may never register. On a successful home page, the page title and headers are immensely beneficial in conveying a clear message.

Easy To Navigate

Providing a path to easily navigate through your website is essential. Good website navigation ensures that visitors reach their destination in a minimal number of clicks. This means that from the homepage – or any page – the Navigation is uncomplicated and easy to use.

Provide Your Contact Information

I saw this missing on a site I visited today, so I have to include it. If you want to create the best home page, include your contact information. Better yet, include this on every page. Since a high number of organic searches open up on interior web pages, contact information should appear on every page.

One BIG No-No

While it is perfectly acceptable to welcome visitors when they enter your home, never include a “Welcome” on your homepage.

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