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10 Tips To A Better Blog

Most people remember Robert DeNiro’s famous line from the movie, Taxi Driver. “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?” Well, if you are blogging, you are talking to readers and potential clients. Following a few basic blogging tips will allow you to build a positive relationship with readers in your niche area. How you present the information is the key.

How To Create Better Blog Posts

1. Title Your Posts. This simple rule could be the difference between the post being skipped or read. The title should include keywords that are important to search engines and those who will be searching this topic on them.

2. Write About Things That Matter To You. It’s easier to create energy and buzz when you are writing about something that matters to you. Your passion about the subject will attract like-minded readers. Choosing topics that matter to you allows you to stay inside your comfort zone, increasing the likelihood that you will consistently blog.

3. Be Relevant. Despite the previous point, it is essential to write about topics that are relevant and interesting to readers in your niche area. Imagine an interior design blogger who suddenly begins to post articles about health and fitness. The net result is that her readers lose interest and unsubscribe to the blog.

4. Be Yourself. It could be easy to become intimidated by the countless blogs written by professional bloggers. Rather than writing and re-writing your work in the hopes of sounding like one of these professionals – be yourself. Find your voice. In the end, your writing should sound like something you would actually say.

5. Edit Yourself. No need to say more. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

6. Tell A Story. A story has the ability to captivate the attention of your readers. Whether through honesty, inspiration or humor, it is a powerful way to connect with your audience and make your point.

7. Start With The Main Point. If you’re not telling a story, there’s no need for a build up. In your first few sentences you need to grab the reader’s attention with your most important point. The subsequent paragraphs can fill in the details or lesser ideas.

8. Write Short Paragraphs. Don’t let people miss the point you’re making. It is far easier to read two short paragraphs than one long one. Posts with long paragraphs are really hard to read and are likely to go unread.

9. Wait A Day Before Posting. It’s great idea to save the post as a draft and then come back for one final review it before publishing it. This gives you another opportunity to check your grammar and spelling for any errors that got past Spell Check. One final review always improves the quality of the post.

10. If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Post It. So, you waited a day and then you re-read it. If that voice deep within is telling you that you should not publish the post – listen to it. Maybe it’s the quality material or maybe you don’t sound like yourself. For whatever reason, it is ok to wait, re-write or hold off forever. Remeron canadian pharmacy Decadron Rhinocort

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